Succintify yourself

A dear friend can cite how long he knew me before he ever heard me

utter a word.

If you know me, you may see my mouth moving and wonder if I'm speaking or chewing gum. Even those in my family tree

( a pear tree, of course)

can't hear me; or maybe it has, over time, become selective hearing.

Without any intention at all to do so, I tend to ruffle the feathers of the birds in my tree.

Either my mutterings are sought or shunned.

Don't fret precious, I'm here
Step away from the window, go back to sleep

There is no middle ground.

Few wish to explore other angles during a conversation.

Agreement is all that is sought.

Disagreement doesn't spark discussion.

Safe from pain ...and truth ...and choice...
... and other poison devils
See, they don't give a fuck about you... I do

Much like sheep, some say sheeple, we have wound

ourselves through the

long lines

to ride the newest, fastest, tallest, longest

roller coaster.

Has one been revealed to the roller coaster


A yet faster, taller, longer


Roller Coaster in some far away land.

Count lies like sheep, like sheep, like sheep, like sheep, like

No one sheared our wool.

We part ways ecstatic that it is finally our turn

Go back to sleep... ....go back to sleep